We make cool videos for financial advisors

To Connect with Clients + Grow Your Business


Because nobody cares about your white paper.


The lifeless stock images, generic copy or overly professional description of what you do. #sorry #notsorry


Let’s Jam

It’s time to show up authentically so your dream clients can find you. We’ll help you do that.


People are craving the smallest hint of connection to their advisor

Can they connect with you?

Can they trust you?

Can they can confide in you about jumping ship, starting a brewing company, making their kids pay for college or even that embarrassing annuity they bought?


We help financial advisors make that connection by making cool videos.

No jargon. No charts. No elevator music. No shots of you typing at your keyboard.

Instead we promise to help you tell your story in a way that is authentically YOU.

+ Rap music your thing? You got it.

+ Want the office dog in your video? We’ll bring treats.

+ Scared to death of being on camera? We’ll coach you through it.

Our Promise

We are not an agency.

We have built the fastest growing and most innovative RIA’s in the US. 

We are a team of free-thinkers, innovators and creators. We care about getting it done, not over complicating it and making sure you love everything we create together.

Adam Lisagor
Joseph Michelli
Sheri Smith
Jeff Belkora
Cynthia Meyer
Todd Eklund
High class. Really beautiful work.
— Adam Lisagor, Founder of Sandwich Video
Candice is amazing at what she does. Her brand is the definition of authenticity.
— Joseph Michelli, Author of Leading The Starbucks Way
Candice has a gift of knowing what message is really going to resonate in any strategic campaign she creates.
— Sheri Smith, VP Growth Marketing LPL
Candice connects people with storytelling.
She’s exceptional at it.
Whatever she creates inspires people to feel connected to something bigger than themselves.
— Joe Stammen, Creative Director at United Capital
Candice helps you amplify your message and connect to your tribe.
— Jeff Belkora, PhD. Decision Scientist
The Content Strategy Workshop was an incredible, immersive experience that fostered clarity and focus, upped our creative games and unlocked the door to finding people we can best serve. Thank you
— Cynthia Meyer, Principal at Real Life Planning
Thanks to Candice’s vision and willingness to experiment with something new, the culture at the company underwent a tectonic shift. You can’t put a price tag on that type of talent and impact, it is absolute magic.
— Todd Eklund- CFA Institute